Fanduel for Esports - How Esports One Is Growing Rapidly at 20-40% MoM In A Hot Industry

26m · July 5, 2021

Fanduel for Esports - How Esports One Is Growing Rapidly at 20-40% MoM In A Hot Industry

Today’s guest is Matt Gunnin, the CEO and Co-Founder of Esports One which is the first real-time fantasy platform that makes watching esports competitive. He explains how he came up with the ingenious idea to gamify watching esports, how Esports One works, and how it’s different from traditional fantasy platforms. Tuning in, you’ll hear how it makes money, why retention is high, and why the concept seems to be working so well. Find out how Matt is growing the business, the role SEO plays in this, and how Matt is using Clubhouse to open up new ways of innovation and help level up the industry. Matt also shares his views on NFTs, and how he sees them being incorporated into the arena of esports. For all this as well as a sneak peek into the future of the platform and its upcoming games, tune in today! TIME-STAMPED SHOW NOTES: [00:36] Some background into the games Matt has played and is still playing. [01:12] What Esports One does, how it’s different from traditional fantasy platforms, and how it makes money. [03:03] How users put together their own lineups and the types of additional predictions they can make. [05:53] How the business is growing with the trend of esports. [08:52] Current and upcoming games on the platform.   [09:10] What they’re using to grow the business apart from word of mouth and Discord. [10:35] Matt’s experience of being an early user of Clubhouse.   [14:30] How Matt is using Clubhouse to connect with people outside of esports and help the industry grow. [16:43] Matt’s views on NFTs and the importance of their utility. [20:26] Where people can go to find out more about NFTs.  [21:23] Thoughts on buying CryptoPunks. [22:42] Matt’s favorite business books and business tools.  [25:21] How to find Matt online.  Resources From The Interview: Esports One Discord Esports on Clubhouse  Esports NFTs on Clubhouse Awesome NFT on Github CryptoPunks   Must read book: The Infinite Game The Hard Thing About Hard Things American Kingpin   Monday Notion Coda Protaton The Hacker News   Digit  Pitch  Raindrop Esports One on Twitter  Esports One on Instagram   Leave Some Feedback:   What should I talk about next? Who should I interview? Please let me know on Twitter or in the comments below. Did you enjoy this episode? If so, please leave a short review here Subscribe to Leveling Up on iTunes Get the non-iTunes RSS Feed   Connect with Eric Siu:      Growth Everywhere Single Grain Leveling Up Eric Siu on Twitter Eric Siu on Instagram    


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