Legit Parenting

Craig Knippenberg, LCSW, M.Div.

Legit Parenting

Craig Knippenberg, expert, and best-selling author, shares strategies for actual (imperfect) parents to build resilient kids and families with good-enough parenting so that you can have less stress and find joy in your kids and family. Discover how your child’s brain works, their social and emotional needs and learn to implement the right parenting techniques that work for you and your family, and finally ditch the parenting guilt and stress. For 35 years, Craig has been supporting parents, kids, and families as a mental health professional and raising his own resilient family. He shares his years of experience with listeners. You’ll learn how to identify a child’s strengths and build confidence and overcome challenges that today’s families experience. Craig’s approach to parenting is clear, concise, and actionable. You’ll learn how to set limits on technology without a fight, how to talk to your child so they listen, how to solve parenting differences with your partner, how to handle teen rebellion and keep your sanity, so that you can build a lasting and meaningful relationship with your child. This podcast is a mix of interviews, special co-hosts offering unique perspectives mixed with the latest research on parenting issues that matter. Hit subscribe and get ready to discover stress-free parenting.


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