Lead By Example Hockey Training Podcast

JJ Santagata

Lead By Example Hockey Training Podcast

My name is JJ Santagata, I grew up on Long Island, New York. I am a 23-year-old former college player turned current head coach of the Ames Minor Hockey High School hockey team.

I chose the name Lead By Example because first and foremost. Leading by example is the most important thing for any leader, teammate, coach, etc. Leading by example is the foundation of how I have chosen to live my life. I embark on the road least traveled, go against the grain, do the uncommon deed, speak and live with passion. And most importantly, I take accountability for my actions. I hold myself to a different standard, I lead by example.

Personally, I disagree whole heatedly with the coaches who point fingers, scream constantly and blame their players. I dislike the players who think they are held to different standards and always look for the easy way out. I dislike those who complain and make excuses for their actions. I dislike those who talk the talk but do not walk the walk. I believe the easiest way to get a group to buy into what you are saying and doing. Is to lead by example.

Getting in the trenches with the group, being one of them, taking the hard road by yourself so you can help others know what roads not to go down. And most importantly doing the extra work, in the dark when no one is watching. Leading by example is showing others what it takes to be the best through your actions not words.

To me LEADING BY EXAMPLE simply means...
"someone who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way."

That is what I plan to do with my hockey coaching career, know the way, go the way and show the way for youth, midget, junior, college players, coaches no matter the sport, the general population and anyone and everyone who can find a way for me to help them.
Actions speak louder than words. I can guarantee if we ever train on the ice, off the ice or through video break downs you will receive results.
Leading By Example is a major part of my life and a saying I live by dearly. You may overlook me but I will guarantee you will be blown away after one training, on-ice session or video series after we are done.


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