Paige Boner

It's Hard

Welcome to It's Hard -- a mental health podcast + community that has authentic conversations allowing people to learn, grow and feel less alone in what they are going through. Join me, Utah based Mental Health Advocate, Paige Boner (yes, that is really my last name + yes the podcast name is 100% intentional), for authentic, raw, and fun conversations about something that we all struggle to comprehend, our mental health. How many times a day do you find yourself saying "it's hard"? We all struggle as we navigate this thing called life, whether its serious mental health diagnoses or just your everyday situations, having a community behind you who gets it is KEY. With every episode, my mission is to serve you with plenty of moments that have you nodding along and thinking "oh wow I am not the only one!". I am not an expert, just learning right alongside you and hoping to find community in the hard stuff. Join me for new episodes every Monday -- I hope these make mondays a little less hard. @itshardpodcast //