[REPLAY] Alex Moazed –  Building Modern Monopolies  - [Invest Like the Best, EP.25]

[REPLAY] Alex Moazed – Building Modern Monopolies - [Invest Like the Best, EP.25]

[REPLAY] , which explores the platform business model (Uber, Airbnb, Github).  Alex is also the founder and CEO of For more episodes go to Sign up for the book club, where you’ll get a full investor curriculum and then 3-4 suggestions every month at Follow Patrick on twitter at Books Referenced   Links Referenced   Show Notes 2:39  – (first question) – Exploring the history of business models from linear to platform. 5:46 – A look at the share of overall business platform companies have taken over             7:06 - 7:48 – The potential for platform businesses over the next 20 years 9:18 – Detailing the difference between a linear and a platform business 12:08 – Exploring transaction costs and core transactions across different business models 19:49 – Is the platform business model good for investors and VC’s since so many can get crushed when there’s a sole victor, or is it just for the founders and entrepreneurs.  24:35 – How the self-driving car is going to deliver more opportunity for consumer consumption 27:15 – Untapped supplies as the opportunity for new platforms and where we could see new openings 30:24 – How consolidated will things become across all platforms 33:16 – How do platform companies create a moat to keep others from replicating their business strategy 37:03 – Are there platform strategies that specifically don’t work             37:40 - 38:45 – Why complex systems typically don’t scale up and you should think small and easy to get started             38:47 – 40:02 – How the origin of so many larger co


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