Invent like an Owner with Dave Schappell

Dave Schappell

Invent like an Owner with Dave Schappell

Welcome to the Invent Like An Owner Podcast, where I’ll talk with the Amazonians who helped build into one of the world’s most valuable companies. This weekly podcast is for entrepreneurs, future business leaders, and all students of history (not to mention, people interested in getting hired at Amazon!). The goal of the podcast is to capture the Amazon Creation Stories and create a historical archive... before we forget all the details -- that’s it. My name is Dave Schappell (and no, I’m not the comedian). I first joined Amazon in 1998 as a Product Manager. Over two stints working at Amazon, I spent more than 11 years building innovative products and services alongside incredible co-workers. Those services include successful products like Amazon Marketplace and Amazon Web Services and less-than-successful products like Amazon Auctions and zShops. But this podcast isn’t about me -- rather, I’ll be interviewing key members of launch teams to get the stories behind Amazon’s product launches over the years. Please subscribe to the ‘Invent Like An Owner’ podcast in your favorite podcast store - the first episode drops in early April 2021. And if you’re a little old school and would like email updates, sign up for my email newsletter at Onward!


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