Zoe Whitman

In Plain View with Zoe Whitman

Let me help you build the confidence to be more visible online. I want you to see yourself as the expert for your ideal client and step into that expert role by using your network and social media channels.

I'm Zoe Whitman, and I'm so pleased you've found me. I've been on a huge journey from working as an accountant and severely lacking confidence, to building my own businesses, becoming an author, having spoken on stage, recorded 100+ podcast episodes. I know what is involved to grow your confidence to be consistently visible on social media, I also know what an impact it makes to your business once you take control.

In this podcast we'll talk about everything you can do to raise your profile as an expert in your space. Need to take small steps? Tune in every day for my daily challenge, one small action you can take daily.

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