IGN UK Podcast #582: Outriders Is an Electro-Freaking Good Time


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1h 37m ยท March 5, 2021

IGN UK Podcast #582: Outriders Is an Electro-Freaking Good Time

Cardy, Matt and Joe have been having a great time with the demo for new looter-shooter Outriders and all the Electro Freaks that dwell inside. A new Aliens game has been announced so they discuss what they'd like to see from Aliens: Fireteam, plus Cardy has played new Annapurna puzzler Maquette which is short, sweet and available for free on PS Plus this month. There's also too much time dedicated the dying art of conker warfare. All of this before a spoiler-filled WandaVision chat right at the end of the podcast. We also enjoyed last week's Endless Search so much that we've just decided to do it again. Remember, if you want to get in touch with the podcast, please do: [email protected]


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