Roberta Lucca

Hyper Curious

For the change-makers, explorers and entrepreneurs by heart or practice, Hyper Curious podcast is a celebration of what’s best in human beings: OUR CURIOSITY. Get ready to change your perception of what it means to be an 'overnight success'. Here you will listen to the most intriguing U-turns and A-ha moments of our guests, and how embracing changes (rather than fearing it) keeps them curious and evolving. Your host is Beta Lucca, a successful BAFTA-winning entrepreneur and Forbes Top 50 Women in Tech who has failed, succeeded, and built a multimillion-dollar gaming business. Beta brings her upbeat energy, bold attitude and multipotentialite mindset to interview your favourite authors, poets, philosophers, psychologists, neuroscientists, founders and artists. If you don’t know them already, you definitely will now! Listening to these incredible human beings is the perfect start of your day. One that will provoke you to think differently, laterally, upside down, and offer you new fresh perspectives to help you act boldly. You’ll finish each episode feeling energised, inspired and empowered to reinvent your world and reinvent yourself. For more information, visit