Don’t Know Much About History, Part 1


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53m · March 23, 2021

Don’t Know Much About History, Part 1

The Oscar-nominated film One Night in Miami… imagines the conversation between Sam Cooke, Malcolm X, Cassius Clay and Jim Brown the night in 1964 they gathered to celebrate the soon-to-be Muhammad Ali’s heavyweight victory. Malcolm X challenges Sam Cooke to use his amazing voice to help “the struggle.” Little did he know Cooke had already recorded his civil‑rights masterpiece, “A Change Is Gonna Come.”   In this episode, Chris Molanphy sets the record straight on the man now called the King of Soul. In his too-brief career—seven years as a gospel star, then seven more as a chart-conquering superstar—Sam Cooke took a remarkable journey: from the pathbreaking pop of “You Send Me,” to the wistful R&B of “(What a) Wonderful World,” to the yearning romance of “Bring It on Home to Me,” to—of course—the now-legendary “Change Is Gonna Come.” Meet the man who defined what soul music was and could be.   Hit Parade episodes are now split into two parts, released two weeks apart. For the full episode right now, sign up for Slate Plus and you'll also get The Bridge, our Trivia show and bonus deep dive. Click here for more info. Podcast production by Asha Saluja. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

  • Hi @Westley-Bone - welcome to Syncify'! Tagging you here because a) this is a great episode, and b) because this whole series of 2 part podcasts about the history of pop and rock is fascinating! Hope you'll enjoy ☺️ Jane.

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  • @Nick @Sam @Alex-Denne @Holly-Reed - This is another great podcast from Slate music magazine and is for anyone with an interest in how the whole rock/pop/soul/r&b genre got off the ground back in the day. So interesting with its focus on the wonderful Sam Cooke plus insightful passing references to the recent Oscar nominated film One Night in Miami. 🎶 Detailed and considered as usual in its analysis with a good smattering of music excerpts to illustrate each point.

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    Thanks ❤️

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    @Holly-Reed Listen to more stuff, need more Nassau things!

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