Andrea Brimmer, Ally

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Andrea Brimmer, Ally

On the latest episode of Hidden Layers, I sat down with Andrea Brimmer, the Chief Marketing and Public Relations Officer of Ally Financial, to talk about how a bank that started in the worst days of the financial crisis would eventually become one of the largest financial institutions in the country, despite not having a single brick-and-mortar branch.    The biggest struggle for any new company, let alone a financial services company, is acquiring customers. I spoke with Andrea about how Ally has used its digital savvy from the very beginning to raise awareness and drive people to digital experiences designed to make them convert, and how that process has evolved over the past twelve years to focus on incrementality. We also discussed the benefits of in-housing and owning your own data to make marketing processes more efficient and effective, as well as how Ally is utilizing new channels like Twitch to appeal towards younger audiences.
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