Challenging the Norm with Amplified Intelligence

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Challenging the Norm with Amplified Intelligence

Professor Karen Nelson-Field, the Founder and CEO of Adelaide based Amplified Intelligence, joins the Hard Mode podcast to discuss the company's significant impact and upwards trajectory.

Amplified Intelligence lead the global attention economy - recognising that current metrics fail advertisers and cause media spend to disappear with minimal value to brands. The team focus on audience measurement and attention, with their proprietary technology evening the playing field by adding human measures that are fair to all platforms and highly effective when applied.

Karen discusses her journey from academia to entrepreneurship, the importance of public engagement and challenging assumptions amongst other talking points in this great chat.

Talking points:

  • From academic to accidental entrepreneur
  • Growing an attention measurement business & category
  • Becoming a thought leader in your space
  • The importance of public engagement
  • Challenging assumptions to make people feel empowered
  • Leaving comfort behind to pursue the means to solve the problem
  • Enjoying leaving a mark and creating a legacy in the process
  • The AI ways to attract business & talent
  • Tech ecosystem help in scaling businesses with specialists
  • Turning the hard stuff into a positive
  • Whats next, where’s the main excitement with huge scaling growth?



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This episode was hosted by Garry Williams: @gwilliamsALTS

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