Happiness Through Spirituality

Natasha Subbiah

Happiness Through Spirituality

For thousands of years, religious philosophies were interpreted in isolation, in cultural or geographical silos. Till only recently, much spiritual literature was yet to be translated to languages understood by the general public; their secrets locked in by the ancient, antiquated languages in which they were received. Now with the advent of globalism and the dawn of the age of information accessibility, there has been no greater time in human history than now, to access, interpret and combine religious philosophies such that one religion can add to the understanding of another, and vice versa. In so doing, the ancient yet eternal truths of the world's religions can be better understood and implemented so that we can experience the deep, lasting, and profound state of happiness that spirituality is designed to help us achieve. With my fortunate exposure to both Christian and Hindu philosophy, and with deep respect and love, I have combined information and practical tools from the works of arguably some of the greatest spiritual leaders ever to walk the planet to serve the purpose of enhancing my happiness, and now through this podcast, the happiness of others.


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