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Hanna Stone

Hanna Healthy

Hanna Stone here, plant-based fitness trainer, nutrition expert, and recipe creator my biggest passion in life is to help you create a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE in a fun, loving way! Under the word “HEALTH” there are many different topics that are going to be discussed in my podcast:1. Healthy food and Nutrition2. Physical health and Fitness 3. Healthy mindset 4. Mental health5. Healthy relationships 6. Spirituality I grew up in a cult, I left my parents house when I was 14, I joined the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) when I was 19, I moved to the US by myself when I was 21 and healthy lifestyle saved my life and lead me deeper into mental health. From my experience, I found it is all connected!Join me to gain knowledge, better our health, and grow as humans.Let’s do it🥰IG: @hanna_healthy


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