182: Grow with Purpose - OddBox co-founders, Emilie Vanpoperinghe and Deepak Ravindran

28m · September 7, 2021

182: Grow with Purpose - OddBox co-founders, Emilie Vanpoperinghe and Deepak Ravindran

Emilie Vanpoperinghe and Deepak Ravindran Emilie and Deepak are the founders of Oddbox, a purpose-drive business that fights food waste on farms with innovative solutions and fosters conscious consumerism. Their story started in Portugal, at a food market filled with wonky fruit and veg. Co-founders, Deepak and Emilie, were shocked to find out that a number of produce in the UK is wasted before it even leaves the farms because of the odd appearance meaning a lot of unnecessary waste for the plane They works closely with farmers across the UK (& from abroad), rescuing fresh, seasonal surplus fruit & veg which are at risk of becoming food waste. Emilie, Deepak and Oddbox Oddbox Website Connect with Deepak on LinkedIn Connect with Emilie on LinkedIn ABOUT THE HOST My name is Sam Harris. I am a British entrepreneur, investor and explorer. From hitchhiking across Kazakstan to programming AI doctors I am always pushing myself in the spirit of curiosity and Growth. My background is in Biology and Psychology with a passion for improving the world and human behaviour. I have built and sold companies from an early age and love coming up with unique ways to make life more enjoyable and meaningful. Sam: Instagram Quora Twitter LinkedIn Sam's blog - SamWebsterHarris.com Support the Show - Patreon Subscribe! If you enjoyed the podcast please subscribe and rate it. And of course, share with your friends!Special Guests: Deepak Ravindran and Emilie Vanpoperinghe.Sponsored By:LinkedIn Talent Solutions: FREE Job Post!!! When your business is ready to make that next hire, find the right person with LinkedIn Jobs. And now, you can post a job for free. Just visit LinkedIn.com/growth. Terms and conditions apply. Promo Code: LinkedIn.com/growthSupport Growth Mindset Podcast

  • The beauty of a free-market system is that individuals have the opportunity to create business and income where no one else thought to look. Great podcast - thank you.

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  • Doin the produce lord's work.

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