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59m ยท March 9, 2021

160: Fulfill your (mutli)potential - Beta Lucca, Entrepreneur and Investor

Beta Lucca Roberta Lucca (aka Beta Lucca) is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, international keynote speaker and host of Hyper Curious podcast. Roberta is an expert in and frequently speaks about high growth entrepreneurship, creativity, diversity and futurism. She brings first-hand 20 years of experience in launching dozens of innovative products, companies, games, and helping leaders take disruptive actions to grow their businesses while improving their leadership. Her mission is to empower people and organisations to see the future from fresh perspectives, think laterally and act boldly. Guest: Beta Lucca.Sponsored By:CaniBrands: CaniBrands is an all-natural CBD oil with plant-based ingredients. The most trusted solution by professional athletes for high performance and better sleep. Visit and use the discount code 'GMP25' to get 25% off the cost of your product. Promo Code: GMP25Support Growth Mindset Podcast


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