GRACE 2 CONQUER - Helping Women Find Freedom through Faith, Fitness, and Truth

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Cara~Grace 2 Conquer

GRACE 2 CONQUER - Helping Women Find Freedom through Faith, Fitness, and Truth

Are you exhausted from going one diet or fitness program to the next without success? Are you a mom who finds herself comparing her body or life to what you see on social media? Are you trying to navigate your own health and fitness struggles and balance it out with your faith? Say no more! I’m your girl and you’ve come to the right place. My name is Cara Foote and I have BEEN THERE, beautiful warrior! I created this Faith-filled podcast because I knew the things I have gone through in my life were to be able to help you in your current season and situation! I am a certified personal trainer with a specialty in holistic nutrition and I want to help you find freedom by discovering the truth and what God says about all this. I realized I used to be a part of the problem-encouraging others to push hard and hustle with their fitness goals. Now I’m part of the SOLUTION-helping you UN-HUSTLE and NOURISH your body and your soul so that you can be more peaceful and productive while balancing your own life. From Romans 8:37 “We are more than Conquerors through Him.” I believe that we are given GRACE to break through any stronghold and overcome any trial we have been through or will go through. Come along with me through this journey and discover more about life as a Christian mother and learn some tips and tricks the RIGHT way. And don’t forget to join my Facebook group where we encourage one another and have some fun while doing it: You can also contact me directly through or email me at Thank you for listening and subscribing!

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