The American Crisis

30m · November 25, 2021

The American Crisis

Happy Thanksgiving   On Today's episode of Good Misinformation, I read American Crisis Part 1 by my favorite Founding Father, Thomas Paine   "By the end of 1776, the American Revolution seemed doomed after just a few months. Washington’s militia-based Continental Army had failed its critical first test, fleeing from the British after the Battle of Long Island. The army itself was short of men, training and equipment; its officers were inexperienced in combat and unable to implement orders; and because most men had enlisted for just a 12-month period, their term of service had almost expired...Though presented as a commentary on the ongoing situation in America, it was really a rallying cry for the revolution. Written in Paine’s inimitable style, with its catchy slogans and appeals to sentiment and patriotism, The American Crisis suggested that no matter how desperate the situation, the benefits of victory and liberty would outweigh the cost of the struggle.   Sit back, tune into this episode of Good Misinformation while you drive to Grandma's house for Thanksgiving


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