Gita Chapter 2: SANKHYA YOGA

7m · October 19, 2021

Gita Chapter 2: SANKHYA YOGA

 Synopsis Chapter 2 is the most crucial chapter in the Gita where Shri Krishna imparts the knowledge from the Vedas to Arjuna. The entire essence of Gita is present in Chapter 2. It primarily talks about two philosophies: Sankhya yoga – the philosophy of de-attachment and pure consciousness. Karma yoga – the philosophy of actions and intentions. Relevance: Life and death are two essential sides of a soul. The one who is born will eventually die. One shouldn’t grieve the dead as the soul that stays inside the body is eternal and immortal. The body ages, but the soul is ageless. We shouldn’t be attached to the body for its senses but should look after it as a home to our divine soul 


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