C.O.D. DecaturboyMusic & P. Henry Trotter IV

Gimme Some Headlines

Gimme Some Headlines is a series of Conversations On Wax. Its hosts, C.O.D. DecaturboyMusic and P. Henry Trotter IV, two 3rd Coast, country scholars share their stories, opinions, and hot takes about a range of topics in their own unabashed, southern way. When you press play, expect to hear two friends, brothers, business partners, teammates, and former roommates chop it up like there's no one else in the room. But you won't be a fly on the wall. You'll have a seat on the couch as they dive into topics concerning society, like the social contract and social media. They'll discuss the stages of life, debate each other, tell stories, explore music, appreciate the culinary arts, and argue about film, sports, current and historical events. This show is simultaneously about everything and nothing. The only real goal is to build a community around open, honest discourse. Join them on the journey and have a COW!