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Gillian Mulholland

Gill Chats

GILL CHATS by Gillian Mulholland is dedicated to get you loving yourself, feeling confident & living your full potential. Are you feeling lost & like you hate your job? Are you feeling heartbroken AGAIN? Or are you feeling like you want to be that girl that walks into a room and everyone turns & thinks “wow, she’s badass!” In this podcast I talk about the tools you need to feel confident and powerful in your own skin. I cover self love, law of attraction, how to stop caring what people think, how your thoughts create your reality, how to level up your life and much more! You can expect fire chats about my own personal journey into becoming fully whole within myself, living a life I didn’t know was possible for me. I promise you will leave energised believing anything is possible for YOU! For more inspiration head to my instagram account @gillianmulholland or join my fb group Release Your Inner Badass. Music by NyLonUK Music


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