Unlocking The Mysteries Of Endometriosis


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Unlocking The Mysteries Of Endometriosis

It's estimated that one in 10 women experience endometriosis during their reproductive years, a condition where cells from the uterine lining go rogue, move to other organs and grow there, leading to terrible pain. Many women who have the disorder struggle to be properly diagnosed. Dr. Linda Griffith spent years in debilitating pain before she was finally diagnosed. "I was told it was normal. I was told that I was under stress ... [that] I was rejecting my femininity," she says. In 2009, she co-founded the MIT Center for Gynepathology Research, where she studies the disorder. We talk about "period privilege," why she kept her condition a secret for so long, and treatments on the horizon.Also, David Bianculli reviews the HBO Max series 'Hacks' starring Jean Smart.


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