FTL Digest 2021-09-13

FTL Digest 2021-09-13

Free Talk Live's Daily Digests feature highlights from our full-length seven-day-a-week live radio show, selected and edited by Riley Blake. Enjoying the digests? Please donate $5-10 per month to Riley via this link: www.patreon.com/crblake86 If you want to donate via Bitcoin Core (BTC), you can do so at the following address: 1NytDNA14UcYsvzX5DHhzowGCqNouSUh9A or you can donate via Bitcoin Cash (BCH) 19hjHJBD6crYVK5YKpwojbwkpetuMsUcgx Or you can donate ether to: 0x259357C6260c6D20c3D71Fd301304e6f6dAC7F2f You can listen to full episodes on soundcloud or our website at freetalklive.com, where you can also listen live every day from 7-10pm Eastern.


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