Flourish or Fold: Stories of Resilience

Dr. Taryn Marie Stejskal

Flourish or Fold: Stories of Resilience

How does facing challenges shape the people we become? Often, when we see someone’s achievements or appearance on center-stage, it’s easy for us to believe that the people who have ‘made it’ have special qualities that afforded them a seamless path to the summit of success. Yet the truth reveals something else. Flourish or Fold: Stories of Resilience is a show highlighting well-known people sharing their less well-known, or even hidden, stories of resilience. Join host Dr. Taryn Marie, world-renowned speaker and #1 international expert on resilience in leadership and life, as she creates safer spaces for raw and authentic voices to come through and show you how you too can effectively face challenge, change, and complexity to achieve your biggest goals.


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