Kari Davis- Christian Life Coach, Essential Oil Educator

The Well - Health and Wholeness, Empowered Wellness, Mindset, Faith and Freedom- Hope after Grief- Holistic Self Care, SAHM, WFHM, Working Mom

Do any of these sound familiar? My child is always getting sick. I am anxious and depressed. I don’t know how to take care of myself. I feel in over my head. I want a natural way to feel better. I can’t get everything done. I haven’t had a dream in so long. I wish I could get rid of feelings of inadequacy and toxic thoughts. Do you want “health and wholeness” but have no idea what that even means? Welcome to The Well – Health and Wholeness Podcast. Where you will find a safe space for health and healing. My name is Kari Davis. I'm a holistic life coach, self/soul care coach, young widow remarried to my soul mate, mom to 3, stepmom to 2, and founder of thewellteam.com. I have had feelings of overwhelm and anxiety much of my adult life from struggling with perfectionism, control, and overwhelm. My mission is to encourage you in natural wellness, soul care, and self-care! You’re in the right place if you’re ready for stories of resilience, strategies to take better care of yourself, and discovering your forgotten dreams. You can live a beautiful, intentional life you love that you didn't even know was possible! In this podcast you will find: *Uncovering the root cause of your health and unhappiness *How to get rid of toxic products and thoughts *Natural holistic health solutions *Intuitive eating and positive self talk *Essential oils for emotional and physical support *How to set and maintain boundaries *How to create a life you love and dream again remembering how loved you are by God! In the Bible, the woman at the well went to the well for water, but when Jesus showed up with truth and healing she got living water! Grab your bucket and join me at the well, it’s time to refill, reset, and restore! Connect :) www.thewellteam.com/karidavis www.instagram.com/kari_turner_davis Email hello@thewellteam.com www.calendly.com/karidaviscoaching for a connection call to see if one of my coaching programs is right for you!