Feminine Energy Feminist

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Feminine Energy Feminist

Feminine Energy Feminist is the podcast for soul-centered professional women who don't want to have to choose between their personal and professional goals. The problem today is many high-achieving women have pushed aside so much of themselves in order to get where they are in their careers. And it’s impacted them physically, emotionally and spiritually. Join SaraEllen Hutchison, Life Coach & Practicing Lawyer as she shares the exact tools, strategies and practices she used to embrace her feminine energy to have a successful career and fulfilling personal life, and redefine what it means to be a highly successful female professional. Each episode will feature tools, practices, and strategies that will show you how to create more balance, improve your relationship with yourself and others, and manage time and stress in a radically different way. If you are ready to make your career and life work for you by using your innate gifts as a woman, this is the show for you. Be sure to visit lawyergoddess.com for more info.


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