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Eric Brito

Enlightened Culture Podcast

Welcome to the Enlightened Culture Podcast! How Can I do what I want? This is a place were I talk about things on my mind. Sometimes I overthink things but its a way to get conversations going about things the masses don't like to talk about. I'm not were I want to be yet but being close minded will not improve our lives. Ive been there like so many other people. Stuck in a job that is sucking your life away slowly. Matter of fact Im still in a couple right now and I hate it. I want to escape society’s trap that says we have to work 40 hour work weeks to be successful. The internet is the best way to do it because we can reach millions of people across the globe. I'm just trying to change my life and in this podcast I want to talk on subjects that can help me and others. Who am I? My name is Eric Brito and I consider myself a free thinker. Many people usually try to shut down your ideas when you say something they disagree with instead of trying to comprehend it. I don't fault them because the system is designed to get us all to conform and not do more than what is expected of us. I have gone to college, worked a 9 to 5, because I’m trying to find my real purpose. I don't want to be slaving at a job making another person rich. I want to build something for myself and see how far I can take it! The system has told us to be successful we have to do thing a certain way but I have read plenty of books on successful people that say otherwise. What do those people have that we don’t? I want to risk it to see were I can go. I know it will be difficult but anything we do in life is hard. Whether studying for college exams or waking up at 4 am to go to work! Running away from the crowd is the best advice I have received. Doing the same thing everyone does will garner the same results. We have to think outside the box and chase our passion. Why this Podcast Exist? I hope with the Enlightened Culture Podcast I can impact many people. I want to open people’s mind to the possibility of doing something we love without having to physically work for it. I mean everything is work but do work we are passionate about. There are ways to make money without having to punch in a clock. I hope you enjoy the podcast and blog, and if your reading this thank you for the support! Please subscribe to the podcast!


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