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Empowered Business

Are you ready to create financial independence instead of just dreaming about it? Do you wish you had more flexibility in your life? If you answered yes, you are in the right place, and Monica Froese, host of the Empowered Business Podcast, is your new secret weapon for creating a successful digital product business. Monica is on a mission to empower women to create financial independence through building their own 6-figure digital product businesses. After leaving corporate America and starting a blog, she began to profit beyond her wildest dreams. Now, she is teaching you everything she knows. Each week, she gives actionable strategies and tips to take your digital product business to the next level. Join her and her guests as they dive into business topics on digital products, financial independence and becoming an expert in the online business space. Monica is on a mission to help 1,000 women make $100,000 each within a year. That’s $100 million towards financial freedom for women. Will you be one of them? Tune in to the Empowered Business podcast to get started! To find out more visit monicafroese.com.


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