Sheri Noecker - A story of sudden illness, inspiration after a stroke, and the Program for Active Living

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Sheri Noecker - A story of sudden illness, inspiration after a stroke, and the Program for Active Living

Episode #27 - A sudden stroke caused Sheri Noecker to move into The Village at University Gates long-term care in Waterloo. While not being able to move, she was inspired by her friends and the team at the village to build an exercise plan and work with the Program for Active Living team in her determination to move again as she use to.  Hear this inspiring and motivational story as Sheri sits on the green bench with hosts Erin Davis and Lloyd Hetherington.

Sheri shares about her life when she experienced a stroke at the age of 51, the wake-up call that motivated her to get better. Although she is unable to remember all the details of the time she shares as others have told her.

Today, she is committed to doing exercise every morning.  Inspired by her nephew who experienced a tragic accident at the age of 18 and worked to be able to walk again.

"You say you are going to be a motivational speaker, but I want to correct you.  You are a motivational speaker now." -Lloyd Hetherington to Sheri Noecker

Sharing supports  she receives from participating in Chair Exercises with Caroline Jordon & Paul Eugene on YouTube

The goal of the Michael T. Sharratt Program for Active Living (PAL) is to improve our residents' life quality and maximize independence through individualized exercise programming and a more active lifestyle. Learn more.  Sheri is one of many who receives the support from Kinesiologists, exercise therapists, physiotherapists and more.

"The Program for Active Living team has helped me in so many different ways.  Coming to the Village as a full hoyer lift and after two years, I am able to stand without supports." -Sheri Noecker

"I did not really care about myself before. Learning what happened to me, I am now fighting for everything I am doing. I am not a person that gives up on anything, and not giving up on myself either." -Sheri Noecker

One day, when Sheri is recovered, she plans to go out to be a motivational speaker and supporter.  She would also like to become a PSW and return back to University Gates to work with the team.  Focusing her life on helping others.

A stroke is a medical emergency. Learn more from Heart & Stroke Canada. F - Face, is it drooping? A - Arms, can you raise both? S - Speech, is it slurred or jumbled? T - Time, to call 9-1-1 right away?

"Blood, sweat and respect.  First two you give, last one you earn." - Dwayne Johnson

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