Educate Yo' Self

Cate Ronan

Educate Yo' Self

How can I quit my 9-5? When should I raise my prices? Should I hire an accountant? How do I book more clients? Can I really make a living off of my passion? Welcome to the Educate Yo' Self podcast where I will share my highs and lows of how I quit my 9-5 and booked six figures in my third year of business. Every week, your host Cate Ronan will bring you tips, step by step actions, advice, and guests that will have you saying HECK YEAH and excited to wake up in the morning and get started crushing your goals and moving the needle closer to your future dream life. You will listen to real-life stories of how I got to where I am and how this road really is less traveled. I will teach you how you can create the life you want to live and how to turn your absolute favorite thing into MONEY.


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