Dreamology | Turn Dreams to Reality

Timmy The Dreamer

Dreamology | Turn Dreams to Reality

Gen Z dream chasers and entrepreneurs (you and me!) are being failed by the current education system.

This podcast was created to teach us the subject school doesn’t teach: Dreamology.

Dreamology is the study of how to make your dreams a reality. No B.S. No subjects that don’t matter to you. Just you and your dreams, goals, and happiness.

Guests include Bestselling Authors, Entrepreneurs, Health and Wellness experts, and world class dream chasers around the world. Topics include mindset, mental health, happiness, high performance habits, health and wellness, purpose, and more.

Every episode will give you a new mindset, tool, or strategy for making daily progress towards your dreams. I want to help build you into the person you need to be to achieve the dreams you want to achieve.

My name is Timmy "The Dreamer" Bishop. I’m a 23 year old Gen Z entrepreneur, an obsessive dream chaser, and student of life who is on a mission to live a the life of my dreams and, if I'm lucky, help others do the same along the way.

I committed to a lifetime contract with my dreams. And now I'm committing to you. To sharing my stories, lessons learned, authentic experiences, conversations had, and more to do everything I can to share what I learn.

Now I want you to commit. Commit to joining me on the road less traveled! Be one of the few who has the courage to do what they actually want to do with their life, to reach their full potential, and to make life one crazy adventure.

Keep dreaming.

Episodes released every Monday!


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