Dream Shakerz Weekly Shakedown 08-28-21

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Dream Shakerz Weekly Shakedown 08-28-21

In this episode, we'll be connecting with Jelece Morris, a Wharton grad, a current associate at Kearney, and the current Founder / CEO of BoCa Flavor a sustainable and GMO-free food-centric e-commerce start-up. During the show, Jelece discussed the broad benefits of an MBA and how the strengths she built in consulting carried over well into entrepreneurship, how she met her co-founder and the importance of selecting the right teammates when starting a new venture, and how BoCa Flavor intends to pay it forward by partnering with specific non-profits that are doing much-needed work throughout the Caribbean.  We closed out the episode with The Level-Up where we've provided yet another set of opportunities for BIPOC students interested in tech careers!


UX Designer / UX Researcher Intern @ Cisco’s Mera-ki

Internship Location: San Francisco, CA

Link: https://bit.ly/2WCJjS6

Engineering Program Management Internship @ Apple

Program Locations : Cupertino, CA

Link : https://bit.ly/2V158KV

Software Development Engineer Intern @ Master Card

Internship Location : New York, NY

Link : https://bit.ly/3mKKUQS


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