Dream Shakerz Weekly Shakedown 08-14-21

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Dream Shakerz Weekly Shakedown 08-14-21

In this episode, we'll be connecting with Pierre Laguerre, the current Founder / CEO of Fleeting a platform that provides shippers and motor carriers direct access to a flexible and reliable fleet of trucks along with the CDL drivers who operate them. During the show, Pierre discussed his experiences in the trucking industry and the path he took to gather the knowledge needed to create this startup, the issues he believes the trucking industry needs to address to revitalize the industry and attract new talent, and how he amassed more than 3 million dollars in seed capital by leveraging platforms like Republic and connecting with NBA greats like Kyrie Irving. The Level-Up is back, and we have provided yet another set of opportunities for BIPOC students to have a meaningful start to their tech careers at the end of the show! 


Product Management Intern  @ PayPal

Internship Location: Chicago, IL

Link: https://bit.ly/3xSvkEE

Product Design Internship @ Facebook

Program Locations : Seattle, WA

Link : https://bit.ly/3sjt34s

Business Intelligence Engineer @ Amazon

Internship Location : Seattle, WA

Link : https://bit.ly/3CR8S2A


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