Judy Lindsay and Kristopher Shinn - Photography and NFTs

Judy Lindsay and Kristopher Shinn - Photography and NFTs

In this episode, Deeze sits down with Judy Lindsay and Kristopher Shinn to highlight the work they're doing by spotlighting artists. They discuss how it's changing photography in a massive way and how important it is to help other artists get a foothold in the NFT community.Judy Lindsay is a radio host, filmmaker, abstract artist, photographer, and NFT artist. Judy is a pioneer in the space and has been instrumental in helping spread NFTs throughout the world with her work and hosting of Twitter Spaces. Kristopher Shinn is a photographer who has made the leap to NFTs and has an amazing portfolio of images from across the world. Kris spends most of his week uplifting others by hosting spaces to showcase their work. Judy and Kris' work can be found at: Photo by: Kristopher ShinnDisclaimer: The speakers on Deeze Spaces are not registered investment advisors. All opinions shared on Deeze Spaces or via Twitter, Discord, and other public channels are those of the respective individuals alone and do not represent any views or endorsements from The Fractional Token Company. Nothing discussed in this podcast should be relied upon for investment decisions nor is it investment advice. Deeze Spaces are solely for information and entertainment purposes only. Please consult and work directly with tax, legal, financial, and investment professionals before making any token creation, transferring, and purchasing decisions.


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