The Green River Killer Part 4

54m · September 1, 2021

The Green River Killer Part 4

It began in the summer of 1982 with the bodies of five young women being found in Washington States Green River. All of them had one thing in common, each worked as a prostitute on Seattle's SeaTac Strip. Over the ensuing months, more young women would go missing, many more. Police who had dealt with Ted Bundy only a few short years before hand, were quick to form a task force to track the faceless killer down. What none of them knew at the time however, was that this particular killer was unlike any they had seen before. A monster that lived among them, and was a part of the community, who existed solely to hunt and slay the young women that worked their streets and would later claim that the murder of women was his career. This week we look into the investigation, Ted Bund's tie to the case, and profile Gary Ridgway's life Follow me on Instagram, MeWe, and Patreon @ IanTotten-Author Facebook: Twitter @CorpseCreek Find my books @ The Deathcast is a Production of Corpse Creek Publishing #truecrime # #GreenRiver #WashintonState #GreenRiverGary #truecrimeaddict #truecrimefiend #GreenRiverKiller #thedeathcast   


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