The Atlanta Child Murders Part 6

1h 7m · June 18, 2021

The Atlanta Child Murders Part 6

From 1979 until 1981, a killer or killers hunted the streets of Atlanta, Ga, preying on the young African American children who lived and played therein. Although one man, Wayne Williams was eventually convicted of 2 (out of nearly 30) killings, doubts about his guilt still persist to the day. In the final part of the series, I will be looking at the arrest and trial of Wayne Williams, further developments in the case, as well as giving my theory as to what actually happened in Atlanta Find me on Instagram, Youtube, MeWe, and Facebook @Ian Totten-Author. Subscribe to the Patreon page: Ian Totten-Author #truecrime #truecrimepodcasts #truecrimecommunity #Atlanta #Atlantachildmurders #podcastsofinstagram #spreaker #youtube #stitcher #applepodcasts #truecrimeaddict #serialkillers


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