Son of Sam Part 2

1h 4m · July 2, 2021

Son of Sam Part 2

It began as a series of apparent random shootings, when it was over, six people would be dead and another seven wounded. From July 29, 1976 until August 10, 1977 someone hunted couples in New York City, opening fire on them without warning or provocation. While one man, David Berkowitz,  was arrested and confessed to these crimes, a freelance newspaper reporter continued digging into them, using inconsistencies in both the criminal reports and witness statements to fuel him onward. This week we are covering the last of the known killings and the events leading up to Berkowitz's arrest. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, MeWe, and Patreon @ IanTotten-Author Find my books @ The Deathcast is a Production of Corpse Creek Publishing #truecrime #serialkillers #sonofsam #berkowitz


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