Richard Cottingham

1h 1m · August 12, 2021

Richard Cottingham

From the late 1960s until 1980 a monster stalked the streets of Bergen County, New Jersey and Times Square in New York. He was a cunning, unassuming man who worked as a computer programer by day. Liked by his coworkers and employer, Richard Cottingham held a dark secret; he was a vicious, violent sexual predator who targeted teens and young women, savagely assaulting them before defiling their bodies. Richard's crimes escalated over the years, until he would eventually be dubbed 'The Torso Killer.' This week we look into his crimes before delving into the man who committed them. Follow me on Instagram, MeWe, and Patreon @ IanTotten-Author Facebook: Twitter @CorpseCreek Find my books @ The Deathcast is a Production of Corpse Creek Publishing #truecrime # #S&M #NYC #RichardCottingham #truecrimeaddict #truecrimefiend #torsomurders #thedeathcast   


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