96: The Police Station Incident


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96: The Police Station Incident

Nicole Beckwith wears a lot of hats. She’s a programmer, incident responder, but also a cop and a task force officer with the Secret Service. In this episode she tells a story which involves all of these roles. Sponsors Support for this show comes from IT Pro TV. Get 65 hours of free training by visiting ITPro.tv/darknet. And use promo code DARKNET. Support for this show comes from Exabeam. Exabeam lets security teams see what traditional tools can’t, with automated threat detection and triage, complete visibility across the entire IT environment and advanced behavioral analytics that distinguishes real threats from perceived ones, so security teams stay ahead and businesses keep moving — without fear of the unknown. When the security odds are stacked against you, outsmart them from the start with Exabeam. Learn more at  View all active sponsors. Sources Talk from Nicole: Mind Hacks – Psychological profiling, and mental health in OSINT investigations Talk from Nicole: Who’s guarding the gateway?

  • A really interesting story that goes to places you are not expecting

    15 days ago·
  • It still astonishes me how naive some folks can be about password/ login sharing! You wouldn't share your toothbrush so why share your login deets!?! 🤦🤷 And of course, it's all the more scary when these people are in high office!!!

    17 days ago·3 likes·

    I use the toothbrush example in all the training I give, and yet as you say the higher the position the more lax the security.

    17 days ago·3 likes·

    @KishoreBhargava Indeed! Internet security is not a new issue so it seems beyond belief that too many people still don't seem to understand how to keep themselves safe. I thought this was a really interesting podcast - thanks for bringing it to our attention - I picked it up from the trending section 👍☺️

    17 days ago·2 likes·
  • What starts like a movie script, turned into a classic lecture on how not to design and implement a network. Brilliant episode. @Meena-Bhatia @Mala-Bhargava @Sam @Klaas you might enjoy this one.

    20 days ago·4 likes·

    Amazing as ever, what an adventure this was

    18 days ago·3 likes·

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