Dare To Share Your Untold Story

Salima Jadavji

Dare To Share Your Untold Story

‘Dare To Share Your Untold Story’ has been brought to you with the intention to break down the barriers of mental stigma, embrace mental beauty and invite guests to a safe place to share with vulnerability, without holding back, their true and full story - no matter what part of the journey that they are in, beginning, middle or end. As a society we are conditioned to keep some of our most painful stories a secret. No matter what we each have suffered with - whatever the struggle, hurdle or strife we face there is always a part of our story that remains untold. The ‘untold story’ has a lot to do with the impact on mental health which we shy away from sharing. So let’s expose what we suppress and embrace the invitation of mental beauty. The notion of embracing ‘mental beauty’ is the next way to see mental health…and when you dare to share...you break the silence, speak your truth, use your voice, and inspire others to do the same. TOGETHER – we can dare and share…so let’s take a vow to ‘dare to share our untold stories’!


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