Scammy Instagram Strategies you NEED to stop using

· June 14, 2021

Scammy Instagram Strategies you NEED to stop using

We all know that engagement is an extremely important indicator of a successful Instagram strategy. An Instagram account that has a ton of followers, but no real community, isn’t actually going to be useful for marketing at all. Whether you’re growing your account in order to sell your own products, or because you want to be able to do brand collaborations and market products for other companies, having a high engagement rate is essential to making those goals happen. But how do you generate real engagement on your Instagram content? There are so many resources online that provide tips and advice on this topic - some of them more helpful than others. In this post, we’re going to run through the top five Instagram engagement strategies that DO NOT work - and at the end of the post, we’ll give you a few hints about what might.


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