Conversations about Buddha, Jesus, and Mohammed

Bill Chu, Mirsad Hadzikadic, Mark Pizzato

Conversations about Buddha, Jesus, and Mohammed

This podcast started when four friends at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte began meeting to learn about each other’s religions, sometimes while reading a common book—and found such discussions so interesting that they decided to record them. One member of the group, David Bashor, was a long-time Methodist (and a biology professor). Another, Mark Pizzato (a theatre professor), had grown up Roman Catholic but was gradually converting to Buddhism. Bill Chu (originally from China and a computer science professor) was more experienced in Buddhism, though also a convert to it. Mirsad Hadzikadic (originally from Bosnia and also a computer science professor) had been raised Muslim and recently increased his adherence to its principles. All four wanted to understand how they viewed Allah, God, or Ultimate Truth in similar and different ways. They started recording these podcast episodes in spring 2015 (with Mirsad leading on the technical side, also with the help of Mark Olson). Unfortunately, David Bashor died in August of that year, from a long-term illness that suddenly worsened. So these podcasts are dedicated to his memory and fueled by his spirit, while discovering connections between science, philosophy, and various religious ideals. (David was especially interested in the scientific possibilities of “Morphic Resonance” and “Akashic Field” theories.) We three continue, with David in mind, to explore what the teachings and actions of Buddha, Jesus, and Mohammed might mean today—as recorded by their followers and later generations, in various distinctive yet resonating ways. For further ideas and images see:


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