EP67: TECHLASH (w/ Jennifer Huddleston)


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48m · April 15, 2021

EP67: TECHLASH (w/ Jennifer Huddleston)

-CNN covers Canada's vaccine failures, and it shakes up the country -The new anti-tech populists INTERVIEW: Jennifer Huddleston (@jrhuddles) -Do we need a federal privacy law? -There are innovative practices used by private companies. We should celebrate them. -Why GDPR is so problematic -The "Techlash" and the bad policy ideas from both left and right -Data silos and how to maintain consumer privacy and innovation -Errors of state-level privacy laws Jennifer Huddleston is the Director of Technology and Innovation Policy at the American Action Forum.  -Encryption is in danger -Will we be able to use cryptocurrencies in the future? -The Beer Store of Ontario and the case for alcohol competition -Hard Seltzers are the future Broadcast on Sauga 960AM and Big Talker 106.7FM. Radio: Radio: Website: Write to us: [email protected] Need a VPN to mask your online surfing? Use our affiliate code: ***PODCAST*** Apple: Spotify: Produced by the Consumer Choice Center: Support the show: See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


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