The Lindley Boys (Curtis, Tyler & Grand D)

College Football Y'all

College football is life in the South. Join three generations of Lindley's (Curtis, Tyler, and “Grand D”) as they discuss the top college football games, stories, players, weekly picks, and game recaps. Occasional guests will join to keep things lively with different fan perspectives. The focus will be on the Top 25 College Football slate as well as the SEC and ACC. Curtis or “Curty” is 8-years-old and is our resident “numbers man” as he keeps track of scores and stats. He pulls for Clemson. Tyler or “T-dog” is 32-years-old and passionate about Clemson where he went to school. He also hosts “The Sales Lift Podcast” where he talks about sales for revenue leaders ready to scale their business. Grand D is 71-years-old and is a former high-school quarterback and brings decades of perspective of following college football. He pulls for Alabama, the SEC, and Nick Saban.