Colin Podcasts about Real Estate

Colin G Murphy

Colin Podcasts about Real Estate

This show is for people who love real estate. Whether you are already an expert or just starting out, Colin is a trusted and straight talking source of ideas to help accelerate your real estate journey in any economic cycle. Tune in every week to hear special guests, insights and actionable tips on real estate investing. Show host Colin G Murphy is a full time investor based in Tampa Florida who has bought and sold more than $100 million worth of real estate in the US and UK markets, including 350+ fix and flips in Tampa Florida. Colin has experience in a wide variety of real estate related activities, including buy & hold, fix and flip, wholesaling, tax liens, tax deeds, foreclosure auctions, note investing, private lending and more. In addition to investing full time, Colin enjoys podcasting, networking with fellow professionals and generally creating useful content for those who want to achieve financial freedom before they get too old to enjoy it.


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