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Teach All Nations | Donald Kelly - 025

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Many people who live without God do so because they don’t know how to find his message. But that’s the job of any follower of Christ; spread the word of God wherever we go, because it helps those who couldn’t find it otherwise. It’s our duty to teach all nations how to be a follower of Christ, and in this episode Donald explains how to do just that.


Scripture outlines the correct approach:

  • Matthew 28:19-20 explains exactly how a follower of Christ should interact with another man.
  • It’s important to remember the difference between teaching and being overbearing. Everyone has choices, and it’s ultimately up to them whether or not they choose to follow the word of God.
  • It’s all about teaching the principle and making an outward sign of an inward promise.
  • Teach them to observe all things Christ has commanded.


Many followers of Christ do not spread his message.

  • So many of us don’t share the Gospel with others because we’re afraid of the reaction those people will have.
  • But nothing in that verse tells us to hate others, because Christ is love.
  • If someone doesn’t agree with you, that doesn’t mean you hate them. Instead, set a positive example through your response and your actions to glorify God.


Building the perfect message:

  • Don’t worry what people will say.
  • Share God’s light through example, and people will gravitate towards you.
  • Share the truth through invitation. Invite people to service, to help the homeless, or to choir. Don’t just spread the word of Christ, but the actions those words represent.


What happens if you don’t share the word?

  • Think about the blessings people around us are missing out on
  • Don’t let fear of someon’s reaction prevent you from sharing this blessing with others.
  • Think of the positive impact your message can have on those around you, and use that to motivate you to share the word.


We’re still battling the pandemic, loss of work, and other factors. If you encounter someone facing a challenge, ask if you can pray for them. Share the message, and do what you can to spread the message of love and everlasting life everyone should have the opportunity to hear.

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