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Should I Just Blindly Obey? | Donald Kelly - 043

Should you blindly obey the word of your parents, church leaders, and other important people in life? In today’s episode of changing, Donald shared his feelings about it, discussing when it’s important to push back against blind obedience while still living a Christlike life.

There’s a difference between learning and disobedience.

  • Blind obedience is unquestionable obedience. Whether because of manipulation, amorality, or just plain evil intentions, blind obedience can occur anywhere.
  • For example, say your church leader claimed you shouldn’t have premarital sex. However, you choose not to obey. Does that make you a bad Christian?
  • Rather than not understand why this is a rule, consult your Bible. Why is premarital sex forbidden? Rather than engaging in blind obedience (or blind disobedience), educate yourself on the topic to make an informed decision.
  • After consulting the word of God, making the right decision might be what the Bible says and not necessarily your church leader.

How do you get to the point that you’re blindly obeying rather than following?

  • God gives each of us the blessing of autonomy; we choose our path, whether that’s with God or not.
  • He didn’t give us this autonomy to force us to follow. Instead, he gave us this gift to decide to follow him.

Go with faith until you know.

  • Faith is the assurance of things not seen. So have faith and trust in God, even if you don’t necessarily understand.
  • You’ll gain the wisdom and knowledge to understand the right decision as you follow.
  • Rather than blindly follow others, find the answer before making a decision. Then it’s no longer a blind decision but one made with faith and love.

We’re all Changing in our pursuit to live a Christlike life, and we’re here to help you walk this path. Tune in to the next episode of Changing on Spotify or Apple Podcasts , and leave a rating or review. Please send any feedback, thoughts, or testimonials to donaldckelly09@gmail.com .

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