Overcoming Loss and Forgiving Others | Debby Montgomery - 027

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Overcoming Loss and Forgiving Others | Debby Montgomery - 027

Overcoming a traumatic event can put a strain on any relationship, especially our relationship with God. Today on Changing, Donald is joined by Debby Montgomery to learn her journey to find acceptance and forgiveness after her husband’s sudden passing.

Debby’s husband unexpectedly passed during their 26-year long marriage.

  • Because he died so suddenly, Debby had to figure out who she was personally and professionally—all while being a mother to four kids.
  • Debby thought she would do everything herself and that she wanted to be self-sufficient.
  • She now realizes there’s no problem with asking for help. Why go through something alone when there are people there to help?

Debby relied on Christ as she processed her husband’s passing.

  • She prayed frequently, and she tried to go back to the temple. However, it was uncomfortable returning to a place she used to frequent with her husband.
  • But she went anyway, and it helped her realize that day-to-day things come and go, but the plan God has set for you is eternal.
  • She realized that dying is a part of living, and once she figured that out, she was able to move forward.
  • Debby still runs her husband’s company and started a nonprofit that aims to bring awareness to women opening up and being transparent with situations they go through.

A while after her husband’s death, Debby joined online dating.

  • She thought she was forging a relationship with a handsome British man. Instead, she gave over a million dollars to a man who turned out to be a young Nigerian man for nearly two years.
  • He asked for her forgiveness, and she was able to heal and move forward.
  • The scam was a massive awakening for Debby, and she had to learn how to forgive someone who hurt her to the core.
  • Forgiving strangers is easier than people you know. But life is too short to hold grudges or be mean.
To contact Debby, you can visit her company website or her nonprofit’s website to connect and learn more. Audio credits to soundstripe.
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