The "Big BZB" Show (Formally Father &Patriot)

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The "Big BZB" Show (Formally Father &Patriot)

Yes this is formally known as Father & Patriot podcast. See, we have changed directions and are moving with the flow of things in the current industry. We are for sure still a very proud Father & Patrioit but now we are moving more towards the entertainment side of things. more focused on the music of times and also what goes into the production of certian genre's. We will still keep up with some of our current or present day social struggles raising a family of 5 cause i remain still a kid my self and as this journey takes off also the struggles to stay afloat in this type of industry. An industry including but not limited to podcasting, live streaming, talk radio/radio general ,singers &songwriters, and just over all music. Yes I'm half way ( I hope at least) to the finish line of life and finally found who I was, but also what it is that i want to do with my life that honestly makes the most sense than anything else. So buckle up butter-cup and get ready for this funk train getting to beat making its way down to music row.


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