Delta Green: A Night at the Opera - Episode 8: “Viscid” (Part 3)


Delta Green: A Night at the Opera - Episode 8: “Viscid” (Part 3)

Our playthrough of Arc Dream Publishing's A Night at the Opera continues!  After uncovering a series of leads at Dr. Tibalt Grieves' home and illicit lab, Working Group JACKDAW continues its investigation into what may have killed the geneticist and his girlfriend, Amanda Griffin.  It soon becomes clear that the good doctor may have been a part of something much bigger, and much more sinister, than the agents could have anticipated.  Their efforts take them from the Seattle metropolitan area to Idaho's Clearwater National Forest, where the hunters may inevitably cross that fine line separating predator from prey... Published by arrangement with the Delta Green Partnership. The intellectual property known as Delta Green is a trademark and copyright owned by the Delta Green Partnership, who has licensed its use here. The contents of this podcast are © Black Project Gaming, excepting those elements that are components of the Delta Green intellectual property.
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